Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Figment of my imagination

I have received a few interesting comments in relation to the Mistress and her continuing behaviour and the way in which I have handled various situations.

I have thought long and hard about my blog and have to confess I have seriously considered ceasing blogging altogether. But when I am given something to write about on a continuous basis, why on earth would I stop?

Whilst ever she contacts me or my husband and persists with her behaviour then I will always have something entertaining to write about on my blog.

She has previously told my husband that my blog is 'killing her'. I have two suggestions :

1. Don't read it!

2. Don't give me anything to write about. Don't provide me with any story at all. Don't contact me or my husband. Don't contact any of my blogger buddies, because they WILL send me the details. Just walkaway and leave us alone! Accept his decision and move on.

These are really simple concepts to understand and not at all difficult to grasp.

And I know I have said it before but I will say it again.....I am breaking no laws when it comes to my blog. I have sought independant legal advice in relation to my blog and have been assured I am breaking no laws. There is no party that is involved identified within my blog. Hell, unless you are one of the few I email, then you don't even know where I live!

For all you know the Mistress that I write about could be a figment of my imagination, couldn't she?


Anonymous Mackenzie1975 said...

God. Don't say THAT. I couldn't take TWO of my favorites blogs being a farce in one week.
*On the other hand that would mean that you would have never had to go through all this crap, so maybe that would be nice!

*Who cares if this blog is killing her...like you said, don't read it...or better yet, here's a brilliant idea...Don't whore around with another woman's HUSBAND.

I will NEVER feel sorry for any woman that falls in love with someone that is taken. They weren't feeling sorry for who they were hurting and it never should have happened to begin with.

Wed Nov 01, 01:48:00 am AEDT  
Blogger SolarisGal said...

I understand completely! I even wrote about the subject on my own blog. Take care, and do what's right for you!

Wed Nov 01, 02:37:00 am AEDT  
Blogger S* said...

Honestly, if I were her I'd stay SOOOOO far away from this blog. Reading it just isn't something good for her to do. You know my situation and after I saw what was written about me on that myspace.com page, I never looked at it again. Of course, my situation is different and what was written is all LIES (though the poor girl is just being deluded by that a**hole and believes HIS lies), there is no way in hell I would subject myself to reading what's going on in her/their twisted little world. It would just make me feel worse. I don't even care enough to see if she's named my name or anything like that. NOT worth it.

Wed Nov 01, 05:27:00 am AEDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

last I checked you're an Auzzie.

Wed Nov 01, 06:23:00 am AEDT  
Blogger Leigh said...

Don't get rid of your blog, I would miss you. I admire your courage for writing the things you write.

Happy Halloween.

Wed Nov 01, 06:44:00 am AEDT  
Blogger shattered said...

mac - you poor thing! Could not agree with you more when you say "they weren't feeling sorry for who they were hurting"

solaris - I KNEW you would understand!

s* our situations are slightly differnet but you know exactly where I am coming from.

Leigh - I MISS YOU!!!! I don't know about the courage side of things. I think the continuing nonsense and pathetic behaviour is what gives me alot of strength. If I did not have a continual supply I wouldn't have any courage to write.

Anonymous - I am 1 of 20 million Aussies. My point is you have no idea where I live in Australia.

Wed Nov 01, 06:58:00 am AEDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beats me why your blog bothers her so much, who the hell cares ? it's only a blog..

Wed Nov 01, 07:48:00 am AEDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must be time for me to start my own blog. Is there a blogger that goes by anonymous? Anyway, Shatered, I will always use my initials at the end. You hang in there, hon, you are doing great!


Wed Nov 01, 09:46:00 am AEDT  
Blogger S* said...

Who writes "Auzzie"? Everyone knows it's Aussie or Ozzie. Geez! I've learned a thing or two 'round here.


Wed Nov 01, 10:07:00 am AEDT  
Blogger JQ75 said...

I wouldn't have even offered #1, #2 makes so much sense. What a strange woman, she needs to learn from her mistakes.

Wed Nov 01, 02:24:00 pm AEDT  
Blogger Frannie Farmer said...

I must say that when I first started reading, I did some research - not wanting to get caught up in some sort of fictional drama. I couldn't figure out who you were, the mistress or the hubby for that matter. So, I think that she is just using anything she can to stay connected to the hubby. Not so shocking considering her behavior.

Thu Nov 02, 04:02:00 am AEDT  
Anonymous sandman said...

Well shattered ya figment of the imagionation has added me to her web of lies now LOL
But we know shes dillusional so what else is new

Thu Nov 02, 08:33:00 am AEDT  

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